Theodore’s Musical Journey

Theodore Philip B. Amper started out his musical adventure when he was very young singing at his local church in the kids’ choir. He often performs duets with his sister and performs with the whole family at church and family gatherings,with the name: Amper Family Singers…patterned after the Sound of Music’s: Trapp Family Singers He later did kid’s commercials with 14K in MILO, Great Taste Milk, Sustagen, etc..
In High School, he decided to learn the guitar so he can accompany himself and his brother( who taught him) when they sing at reunions. Joining the Manila Science High School Glee Club, he honed his singing skills and started a rock alternative band to improve his guitar playing and over-all band(group) dynamics. By fourth Year High School, he joined in a guitar playing contest bagging the first prize. That same year, he joined his church’s music team as guitar player. Moving on to the bass guitar, he found out that the bass was a lot more apt for his interests and discovered a deep fondness in it’s capabilities. Joining various bands in college such as Broken, and Emmanuel and working closely with a lot of other church bands, he learned other skills as drums and song writing, singing and connecting with the audience.
In college, after a frustrating 3-yr bout in his course in The University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City in BS Electrical Engineering, he shifted to the UP college of Music to take up another peculiar instrument: the violoncello. Here, he learned that music isnt just a hobby… its science, philosophy, skill and art all put together. Interestingly enough, this is the only time he actually started reading music, playing piano and learning about the great music masters. By this time, he also spent time with the State Varsity Christian Fellowship, where he further developed his relationship with the Lord and also in knowing God more theologically, and also some song writing skills. By seventeen years old he got to lead the church Worship Team, as worship leader/musical director and guitarist. College life was the turning point of his life, because this was the time God turned his heart toward Him. Music was now only a peripheral, vocational thing, God was the main desire of his heart.
By the age of 23, Ted started playing with the Meschianza String Quartet, and joined the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra as cellist as he sought to to bring glory to God in this line of work. Presently he is employed as a cellist for the prestigious FILharmoniKA, led by Gerard Salonga, an orchestra devoted to recording for media, but has delved into major symphonic works and accompanying a growing number of international and local artists. Besides performing with his multiple bands, playing with different chamber groups, doing gigs, studying cello and teaching music, he eventually developed his skills in composing, recording and arranging music for their church.
Lately, Ted does recordings and performances with different local pop-rock bands (Urbandub, Mojofly, UP Dharma Down, Stonefree, Ely Buendia, 6 cycle mind, etc.),local solo artists (regine velasquez, lani misalucha, lea salonga, gary valenciano, Cecil Licad, Oscar Yatco etc.etc.) and performs with international artists. Included in this roster is Mr. Andrea Bocelli himself and numerous others as allowed by his involvement with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra.
At the age of 30, he started a group called The Manila String Machine, and hopes that he can have a positive impact on the spiritual lives of his colleagues.  He prays that God will use his influence as a booking agent and leader to share God’s love and truth to them.
As the years pass, the Manila String Machine has risen as one of the top musical groups of the country.  By God’s grace the group has been a wedding favorite, also car shows and product launches, company events, etc.  Supermalls like SM (all over the country), Rockwell and Ayala Malls have been constantly contacting them for their corporate affairs entertainment which has been a big blessing to the group. San Miguel’s Rock Music competition has tapped our talent by making Theodore the conductor of a 30-piece orchestra.
Theodore has arranged over 130 pieces for string quartet and is working on making String Quartet Tributes to local rock bands.
At present, he has written more than 80 well-loved songs encompassing a wide range of genres and styles for the Body of Christ. He works part time for his church at Christ’s Way Community as Music Director, where he spends most of his time training musicians, leading worship, small group Bible Studies, and free music lessons to students.
He and his lovely wife Rose live in Antipolo City where they plan to raise kids in the near future.