Client’s Reviews

1. “Vince and I wanted our wedding to be elegant–from the gowns, food, the wedding rings and especially the music. There’s no doubt that The Manila String Machine, with the lovely music they arranged and played throughout the entire affair, was instrumental in making our wedding lovely and memorable. Thank you!”

2. It was really great how everyone got along during the preparations for the wedding — that’s why we pulled it off without a hitch! 🙂 Trust in our suppliers was definitely what kept me and Tig calm. We knew we picked the best 🙂 hehe! You’re still the only group I recommend when people ask me for a strings group for weddings or events!

Emir and Kristel Alino-Aberilla


This group is nothing short of wonderful. Booking them was, I’d say the least stressful part of my wedding planning. I had to plan my wedding from 10,000 miles away. Ted was a delight to coordinate with via email, very accommodating and very professional. Come wedding day, they did not disappoint. They were punctual and they made sure they performed all our requests, all the songs we agreed on. This group is a delight to do business with because they don’t treat it as just a business. They try to please their clients and they love doing what they do, which is why you’ll love it too

Dear Rechelle,
My sister Dra Tiuseco told me that it was you who told her to contact Ted Amper and the Manila String Machine. They were superb! Unfortunately I was not able to thank them personally for the beautiful music during the church ceremony and at the reception. Do tell them how much the guests enjoyed their music. They were really good — just as good as many musical groups in Vienna. Honest!
tita Yoli