Manila String Machine plays for Dennis and Tessa Prieto-Valdes’ Game of Thrones 20th Anniversary!

Early May of 2014, we were invited to play for the opening of Massimo Bonini (a fashion boutique in the new Fashion Wing of SM Megamall). As usual, we played music for people coming in, while eating and also we were asked to play a few songs at the end.


Lots of celebrities passed by, sometimes distracting, and we were privileged to receive compliments that day.  At the end of our set, playing Game of Thrones, one of the guests suddenly burst into upfront and said, “I want you guys for my wedding!” Lo and behold, it was THE Tessa Prieto-Valdes.  She and MSM have had a lot of events together, but I guess its only now that she approached us and asked for our services!


Not only was it an honor, but it was exciting! The Manila String Machine will be playing for the country’s top socialites and personalities! Not that we haven’t done that yet, but now, with Ms. Tessa personally inviting us to play for her.  It just so happens that my sister Frances Amper-Sales is a close friend of the couple, and they both came from Assumption, so that gave us easier access I guess.


After many emails, phone calls, and a couple of meetings, we were set to play for her wedding, June 24, 2014 Tuesday 3pm at Santuario San Antonio and Manila Polo Club. (Jospeh, Jake, Rommel and Ted). We worked with a singer/model May Banawa, and she and her choir did a great job at the church, singing Lorde’s “Royals” to her bridal march. And of course her recessional march music was Game of Thrones theme.


At the reception, we were blessed to see a lot of former clients and a couple of media friends, so we felt that we part of the guests.  We just played for a set and we were done!


Thank God that He allowed us to perform on that night. It was truly an enchanting one. Not to mention the props and program, all superb!