About Us

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The Manila String Machine  is mostly composed of players that are graduates from the top music institutions in the country. We offer cutting edge, custom made, string quartet and string orchestra music.  Our genre encompasses a gamut of musical styles from classical to modern music, specializing in rock, pop, jazz and contemporary music.  The music we arrange and play have a similarity to other foreign string quartets who play modern music as well, but is an eclectic blend of ideas from our members, making our music very unique-- intelligently, artistically, and carefully written.

We are mostly College of Music Graduates, and most are presently members of professional orchestras in the Philippines. We regularly perform symphonic and classical pieces with foreign artists, as part of our musical discipline and profession.

We decided to form our own smaller group apart from our regular orchestra jobs, calling it a "String Machine", since we wanted our group to produce different kinds of music, from classical to rock, using STRINGED instruments, and create an edge here in the Philippines by arranging music especially for the string quartet/ensemble. A standard string quartet is composed of two violins, a viola and a cello.

We are blessed to be regarded as one of the pioneering string quartets who play modern music here in the Philippines.