We play for a standard one, two or three sets. Each set is about forty five minutes to one hour or about 10-15 songs/pieces. When we are asked to play even for 2 or three songs, our minimum charge is for one set. One set cannot be staggered. Meaning, if you choose the One Set Package, you cannot have 2 songs in the church, then the rest of the songs at the reception.

We are generally four members…thus the string “quartet”. But depending on the contract we can add more members.

The instrumentation is Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Cello. This cannot be altered. The reason why is because we read from specially arranged music. The written music is specifically designed for those four instruments. There are cases where the violins are replaced with a flute. Though it still sounds awesome, this is very seldom and is not recommended.

We can add a double bass, a keyboard, or even winds and percussion but the standard instrumentation of the string quartet must be present.

If a venue is not in Manila or Greater Manila Area (GMA), it is considered “Out of Town”. The rates are doubled, and for provincial venues, the client must shoulder transportation/air fare, and hotel accommodations. Please be guided accordingly. Antipolo, Las Pinas, Taytay, Alabang, and similar venues are still considered as Manila, however, we cannot give a discount on these locations.

The Manila String Machine is generally and technically an INSTRUMENTAL group. But if you require singers or a singer, we have partner groups/solo artists who we work with regularly. You can contact them directly, or you can book them through us.

You can go to our BOOK US page and there are instructions there for the booking.

Yes we do. But mind the NET cost and GROSS cost. We have to compute those.

We interchange members. We are a pool of equally talented and competent musicians, all of whom can read and play our music. Each of them are selected from Music Colleges, Universities and Professional Orchestras and we maintain a strict standard. You need not worry who the musicians are. We will send trusted and accredited musicians. And our name is our guarantee.