Oakley and MSM

The Manila String Machine recently worked with the Oakley Wherever O May Roam launching last August 1, 2008. It gave our company a boost because a lot of media people were present and we were asked to play Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and U2 music specially arranged for string quartet. It was a huge success despite the downpour of rain, and intense humidity, we were able to (by God’s amazing grace) perform top quality ROCK music.

Performing for numerous Corporate Functions and Events is what I regard as MSM’s forte. We had more of the corporate stuff compared to our wedding gigs. Weddings are also our specialty since we began doing that, and have been around long enough to be masters of the event. I am proud to announce though that MSM is finally finding it’s place in the music providing service arena, and is quickly gaining a reputation as a high-end musical group.