iPads, Hands Free Air Turns, MiPro condenser mics, Allen and Heath/Mackie mixers …

It is always wise to have your high-end music be heard clearly and naturally.  These new equipment can be rented at a very cheap price of Php2,000. Kindly indicate in your contract if you wish these to be used at your event.

We have recently invested in equipment for the group thus ensuring the better services of the ensemble.  iPads have solved the multiple problems of long intervals between songs (due to paper sheet music transitions), wind blowing the pieces, lighting, instant requests (we have the whole library of songs with us every time we go to a gig), and just having a more technologically advanced look by having less clutter.


Having wireless/hands-free air turns eliminates the need to turn the pages by hand.  Just step on the blue tooth powered air turn, and you’re on the next page!



Hercules hardware has also been a major part of our performances. We chose these sturdy high end music stands to support our iPads, as well as look uniformly cool in the yellow and black color combination.


Also being equipped with lapel mics, enhances tremendously the sound of the quartet by capturing the natural acoustics of each instrument. This also eliminates the clutter of boom stands and wired microphones on stage.  Having our own high-end mixers allows us to control our sound from the stage itself, avoiding most sound technician’s untrained mixes for string quartet.