2014 Red Horse Muzik Laban

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I remember back in 2006 , my band and I joined Red Horse Muzik Laban and auditioned with my rap metal song Botbydblud. We didn’t pass! But lo and behold, after 8 years, we were performing as the orchestra for the 2014 Finals!  Here are some blogs I can share to you! I acted as musical director, booking agent, manager, librarian, conductor and arranger for the orchestra. Something that is not wise. If ever this repeats, I need help. Lots of help!


Here are some blogs about our 2014 collaboration with Ely Buendia, Greyhoundz, Slapshock, Razorback and AMT.


Slideshow of MSM and Red Horse

Theodore as conductor

Some more blogs!

More blogs!

Youtube videos!