International Rates

We will operate on a PER DAY payment/per musician. We can also operate on PER CONTRACT but we will have to sit down and talk about all the details of the international trip.

Airfare, Visas, Airport fees, taxes, etc. would be shouldered by the Client. Board and lodging (hotel accommodations), and transportation to and from rehearsal/performance venues would also be shouldered by the client.

A day means three hours of work (rehearsal or performance). We would have to charge for overtime which means an additional $40 per hour or a fraction thereof in excess of three (3) hours.

*Now, the group would require an extra day at the place for sight seeing and R and R (rest and recreation), but the client wouldn’t need to shoulder that, unless of course they want to!!!! That day of course is not considered as working day, and we need not be paid.