Special Arrangements for bigger ensembles/band/DJ

Performance with DJ or accompaniment track

About It (Sinyma)

Blackstreet No Diggity

Blackstreet No Diggity (with motherbass)

Can’t Hold Us

Can’t Feel My Face (The Weekend)

Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake)

Latch- Disclosure

Don’t Look Down- Usher

Ed Sheeran and Amp

Fall for your Type

Shape Shifters Back to Basic

Fast Car (Jonas Blue)

Special Arrangements with Bigger Ensembles

Razorback -Wakasan (Orchestra with band)
Razorback- Ikot ng Mundo (Orchestra with band)
Slapshock – Agent Orange (Orchestra with band)
Slapshock- Unbreakable (Orchestra with band)
Slapshock- Langit (Orchestra with band)
John Williams Medley (Quintet or string orchestra)
Victory (Quintet)
Hedwig’s Theme (Sextet)